Current and Historic Land Sale Auction Parcels

Timber is currently being harvested as part of a larger fuels reduction project in the Tushar Ridge area.  This sale is for decked logs harvested as part of the project.  Species offered include Engelmann spruce, Douglas fir, Subalpine fir, and aspen.  All saw timber has been sorted from pre-commercial timber.  The saw log volume in all units is estimated to be 525 mbf or 2,835 tons.  This estimate is not a guarantee of volume and logs will be sold as weight scale only.

For more information about the product being offer and the bidding process, please click on the link below.


Sealed Bids (Opened at 5pm January 12, 2021):
South & Jones Timber Company, Inc.
Barco LLC

Oral Auction (January 14, 2021):
Winning bid:  $21.60/ton
Purchaser:  South & Jones Timber Company, Inc.


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