Buffalo Hollow (PS 8539)


These costs cannot be financed and are in addition to the 10% down payment.  All closing costs are due from the prevailing bidder at the auction.


Appraisal: $ 2,300.00
Cultural resource survey:  3,160.15
Legal advertising:  290.88
Legal description survey:  1,200.00
Sale processing charge:   500.00
Application fee: 250.00
TOTAL:  $ 7,701.03

Legal Description:

Township 18 South, Range 9 East, SLB&M

Section 2:  Within Lots 3 and 4


Beginning at the Southwest corner of Lot 4, Section 2, Township 18 South, Range 9 East, SLB&M, and running thence N 00°24’25” W, 640.86 feet along section line to the south right-of-way line of County Road 332; thence S 88°19’05” E, 587.07 feet along said right-of-way; thence S 87°43’54” E, 1962.94 feet along said right-of-way; thence S 86°56’31” E, 123.98 feet along said right-of-way to the east line of Lot 3, said Section 2; thence S 00°18’25” E, 491.48 feet to the Southeast corner of said Lot 3; thence S 88°58’25” W, 2670.54 feet to the point of beginning.


This parcel is bordered by federal and other state land.  It includes all of the land south of county road #332 in the N2NW4 of this section and is located just outside of the town of Lawrence.


The property is accessed from the Buckhorn Wash Road (#332) headed to Cedar Mountain.

Directions to the property:

  1. From Huntington, go south 1.7 miles on State HWY #10 until reaching the turn-off for the town of Lawrence.
  2. Turn left off of HWY #10 (Road to Lawrence and Lawrence Main St.) and go approximately 2 miles until reaching the town of Lawrence.
  3. Continue through the town of Lawrence on Main Street for approximately 1 mile until reaching the intersection of the River Road and County Road #332 (Buckhorn Wash Road).
  4. Turn right on the Buckhorn Wash Road (County Rd. #332) and keep heading east 1.5 miles from the intersection of the River Road and Buckhorn Wash Road.  The subject property will be on your right and it sits south of the county road.


34.91 acres, more or less


No water rights will be conveyed with the property.  For water right information please call Marc Stilson at the Utah Division of Water Rights at 435-613-3750, or the Huntington Cleaveland Irrigation Company at 435-687-2505.


There are no utilities servicing the parcel. The nearest utilities are located in the town of Lawrence 2.5 miles away.

For more information about the nearest power-line and its capacity, please call Rocky Mountain Power at 1-800-469-3981.


The property is zoned A-1 (Agricultural Zone), which requires a 10-acre minimum lot size to build. This zone also allows for most agricultural uses. Zoning information can be found on the following website:  http://www.emerycounty.com/b&z/zoningordinance.pdf (Pg. 89) or by calling Mike McCandless at 435-381-5576.


The property has an elevation of approximately 5700 feet.  The property is reasonably flat except for a wash running through the east side of the property.  The wash is dry most of the year.  This parcel offers a lot of agricultural opportunities.  The vegetation consists mostly of salt brush and a few native grasses.


Financing will be offered for this parcel.  A down payment of 10% and closing costs will be due at the auction.  The remaining balance can be financed at a variable rate of prime plus 2.5% for a 20 year term.

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