West Callao (C-26751)

Closing Costs:

These costs cannot be financed and are in addition to the 10% down payment.  All closing costs are due from the prevailing bidder at the auction.

Appraisal Costs: $2,400.00
Cultural Resources Survey: $8,614.90
Legal Advertising Cost: $300.00
Sale Processing Charge: $500.00
Application Fee: $250.00


Public Schools

Legal Description:

Township 11 South, Range 17 West, SLB&M
Section 2:  S½SW¼


The property is located in western Juab County, along the western edge of Callao, Utah.


There is public access to the parcel on an existing Juab County road (Snake Valley Road) which bisects the parcel.


This parcel is non-irrigated flat terrain with small brush and grasses common to the area.


80.00 Acres, More or Less


No water rights are included with the property.  Contact the Division of Water Rights at (801) 538-7240 for information regarding the potential for water development on the property.


There is a small power line that bisects the eastern portion of the property.  Any potential hookup to power would require consultation with and authorization from the appropriate utility company.


Outlying District – 01.  Contact Juab County for information on permitted uses and any potential zoning restrictions.


Financing will be offered for this parcel.  A down payment of 10% and closing costs will be due at the auction.  The remaining balance can be financed at a variable rate of prime plus 2.5% for up to a 20 year term.

Mineral Leases:


Surface Leases:

  1. PRED 759 – Juab County Road (Snake Valley Road)
  2. ESMT 684 – a buried communications cable (Beehive Telephone)
  3. ROW 1344 – electric power line (Mt Wheeler Power Inc., Ely NV)
  4. ML 53694 – metalliferous minerals (NPR (US), Inc.)
  5. GP 21880 – a grazing permit issued to Don and Beth Andersen. This property will be deleted from the grazing permit upon sale of the property.

Cultural Resource Covenant:

A cultural resource review was conducted on the subject property.  The property will not be subject to any cultural reservations.


  1. Please see the auction page for general disclosures and auction procedure information which pertains to all properties being offered at the auction.
  2. A cultural resource review was conducted on the subject property.  The property will not be subject to any cultural reservations.
  3. All mineral rights and sand and gravel rights will be reserved.
  4. The Utah Geological Survey has commented:  “The potential geologic hazards in the area that could affect the site include flash flooding/debris flow, shallow bedrock, problem soil including shrink/swell and/or collapsible, wind-blown sand, shallow groundwater, and moderate to high indoor radon potential.  Prospective buyers should be aware of the potential hazards so they can be addressed in a manner appropriate to the intended use of the property.  Geologic hazards are best addressed early in the land-use planning process prior to development and construction.  UGS has general geologic hazard information available at its offices and online at http://geology.utah.gov/utahgeo/hazards/index.htm.
  5. The property will be conveyed subject to all valid existing rights.
  6. Other disclosures, if any, will be announced at the auction.

Diane Lund
NW Area Manager, Land Sales Coordinator

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