Growing the Trust

Utah’s Trust Land Endowment for Education

Revenue generated from school trust lands is deposited into the Permanent School Fund, which Trust Lands has grown from about $50 million in 1994 to approximately $3.2 billion today. This perpetual endowment for public schools benefits students with annual distributions from the fund while the balance grows in perpetuity. Trust Lands aims to make the fund an increasingly significant source of funding for Utah schools.

SITFO & Trust Land Funds

The State of Utah School & Institutional Trust Funds Office (SITFO) was created to optimize the Permanent School funds. SITFO is overseen by a Board of Trustees chaired by the Utah State Treasurer. These experienced investment professionals are united with the education community, legislature, and state government. Together they help fulfill Jefferson’s vision by managing and growing revenue for Utah schools—opening the door for a future of well-educated, successful citizens.

SITFO’s Mission​

SITFO’s mission is to maximize the return on the invested principal of the School and Institutional Trusts for the benefit of Utah’s education programs by responsibly investing each fund endowment. Each year, capital gains, interest, and dividends are distributed to every school in the state based on student enrollment numbers.

School LAND Trust Program

The School Learning and Nurturing Development (LAND) Trust program is administered by the School Children’s Trust section at the Utah State Board of Education. The Advocacy Committee provides policy oversight and monitors Trust Lands as they manage lands granted in trust to benefit public schools and oversees the investment of the permanent State School Fund by SITFO.

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