SITFO invests about $3.2 billion permanent funds in a globally diversified investment portfolio.


Beneficiaries have received over $1.1 billion since 1995, with $1 billion going directly to schools.


In 2023, $101,803,347 will help over 600,000 students at more than 1,000 schools.


The permanent fund has grown 89% in the last ten years.


The permanent trust fund will distribute over $107 million to beneficiaries in FY 2023. This includes $101.8 million to K-12 students and $5.2 million to other public institutional beneficiaries.

Managing the Trusts’ Permanent Funds

The Utah State Legislature created the School & Institutional Trust Funds Office (SITFO) as an independent agency within the state government. It manages the trust’s permanent funds for their respective beneficiaries and has become the gold standard for trust land fund investments across the nation.

An experienced Board of Trustees has oversight as SITFO staff makes investment decisions. This allows the office to be efficient and stay aligned with its principals.

SITFO seeks to maintain the trust fund in perpetuity, while also sustaining and growing the yearly distributions to beneficiaries. Since they will be around indefinitely, SITFO can take risks that ultimately facilitate meeting long-term investment objectives.

SITFO objectively considers investment opportunities based on research and portfolio theory. It selects investments based on expected outcomes in an overall portfolio context. The risk/return potential of each investment is carefully evaluated, and this analysis drives decision-making.

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