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Policy Statements and Resolutions

The Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Board of Trustees, created by Title 53C of Utah Code, is a policy-making board, possessing a portion of the sovereign power of the state, enabling it to make policy for the benefit of the general public.

Board policy statements and resolutions by year can also be found on the Public Agency Documents page.

Current Board Policy

2021-01 Prohibited and Restricted Uses of Trust Lands

2020-02 Public Notices of Board Meetings
2020-01 COVID-19 Relief for Oil and Gas Leases
2019-01 Multi Beneficiary Real Estate Development Projects and Related Rights
2017-04 Administration of Oil and Gas Leases
2017-03 Donations Policy – Amends and Restates Policy No. 98-02
2017-02 Condition of Employment
2017-01 Conflict of Interest – Amends & Restates Policy No. 2004-01
2016-01 Roads and Access – Amended Policy No. 2006-01
2015-04 Notice of Expiring Grazing Permits, Reimbursement for Value of Range Improvement Projects, and term Length of Permits
2015-03 Stewardship Expenditures
2015-02 Settlement of Certain Claims
2015-01 Plant Species Listing or Potentially Eligible for Listing Under the Endangered Species Act
2014-01 Inter-Beneficiary Loans
2013-03 Capital Expenditures
2013-02 Grazing Fees/Permits Acquired From Federal Exchanges
2013-01 Public Comment at Board Meetings
2012-02 Environmental Compliance
2012-01 Lease/Disposal of Land Blocks
2010-03 Planning & Development Group Development Policy
2010-02 County Land Legislation
2010-01 Management of Archaeological and Historic Resources on School & Institutional Trust Lands
2009-01 Amendments to Other Business Arrangements (OBA) for Surface and Mineral Groups – Amended
2008-02 Board Review of Certain Termination Actions
2008-01 Real Estate Development on Trust Lands
2007-06 Compensation Policy
2007-04 Sales Policy
2007-03 Special Use Lease Policy
2007-01 Duration of Authority to Execute Actions Approved by the Board
2006-04 Oil Shale Leasing on Trust Lands
2006-02 Sale of Non-Trust Lands at Auction – Amends Policy No. 2005-03/Repeals Policy No. 98-03
2005-08 Lease Reviews
2005-06 Board Compensation for Additional Duties
2005-05 Wildland Fire Suppression
2005-02 Hunting and Recreational Access to Trust Lands – Repeals Policy No. 96-05
2005-01 Joint Planning – Repeals Policy No. 94-04.2
2004-02 Gifts – Amends Policy No. 98-02
2001-01 Revenue Accounting For Installment Sales – Amends Policy No. 97-05
1998-01 Exchange of Lands
1995-15 Public Sale of Land/Processing Charge
1995-14 Application Charges
1994-01 Citing Authority

GIS Policy
2019-10-22 GIS Data Deliverable Standards

2018-03 Resolution Providing Electronic Meetings Authority and Procedures for Participation
2018-02 Resolution Outlining the Procedure for Appointing Members to the Land Trusts Protection and Advocacy Committee
2018-01 Support of Railway Seven County Coalition
2015-01 Resolution for Utah School Board of Education Enabling Act
2011-01 WSLCA Selection Legislation Proposal

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