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Right of Entry Permits

Rights of Entry permits are required for all commercial use and some non-commercial use activities on trust lands.

Examples of commercial uses requiring Rights of Entry permits include commercial guiding and outfitting, competitive events, filming and photography, and wilderness therapy.

For additional information:

Right of Entry Application
Right of Entry Rate Schedule
Complete list of prohibited & restricted uses on trust lands

Non-Commercial & Public Use

Non-commercial uses of trust lands may also require Right of Entry permits, such as some large group campouts, weddings, church or school-sponsored events, club or group activities, and scientific studies or monitoring.

Permits or other authorizations are not required for non-commercial hunting and fishing, wildlife viewing, short-term and low-impact camping, low-impact activities and recreation such as hiking or horseback riding, and biking or OHV use on designated routes.

Popular Public Permits

Small Forest Products Permit
Rockhounding Permit

Legal Requirement of Permit

Anyone conducting activities requiring a Right of Entry permit without said permit may be subject to civil and criminal penalties set forth in Utah Code § 53C-2-301.

Please view our Right of Entry Handbook for additional information on whether you need a permit or use the Contact Us button at the top of this page to ask any Right of Entry questions.

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