Cedar Fort, Utah County, UT 600 South Street Road Sale

The Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (TLA) has received an offer to purchase approximately 0.5 acres of property for a road located perpendicular to S.R. 73 at the current intersection with 100 East Street in Utah County, Utah. The property is located within Township 6 South Range 2 West, SLB&M: section 7 (NW4)

TLA is soliciting other proposals to purchase, lease, or otherwise propose a transaction to use this property. Any qualified entity wishing to submit a proposal may do so until February 15th, 2024. Proposals should be emailed (preferred) to ericbaim@utah.gov or mailed to TRUST LANDS ADMINISTRATION, Attn: Eric Baim, 102 South 200 East, #600 SLC, Utah 84111. Reference: Cedar Fort 600 South Street. Email or call (801)-538-5137 for additional information.

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