Unfortunately, at this time, all of the activities listed below are not allowed on Trust Lands.

  • Christmas tree harvest
  • Metal detecting
  • Posting or distributing printed materials.
  • Parking a motorized or recreational vehicle more than 100 feet from an Authorized Route.
  • Using or possessing explosives, fireworks, or firecrackers.
    using poisons, herbicide, insecticides, or pesticides.
  • Searching for treasure, artifacts, or other natural or man-made items.
  • Leaving or disposing of human or animal fecal.
  • Installing new technical rock climbing or slack lining equipment or hardware.
  • Affixing devices including trail cameras to structures, trees, or any other natural or made-made fixture.
  • Constructing, using, moving, occupying, or destroying any structures on trust lands including fences, water control devices, roads, surveys and section markers, or signs.
  • Destructing, marking, or defacing trust lands.
  • Carving tree trunks, marking/defacing rocks, graffiti, destruction of natural formations on trust lands.


View the full list of prohibited and restricted uses on trust lands.

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