Chris Fausett

Assistant Director

801-538-5139 |

Toni Matthews

Office Specialist

Ethan Hallows

Resource Specialist Northern Area: Grazing and Agricultural

Tyson Todd

Resource Specialist Northeast Area, Telecom Leases Statewide

Heather Murray

Lease Manager

Laura Meacham

Office Specialist

Andrew Bedingfield

Hard Rock Mining & Coal Manager

Tyler Wiseman

Geoscientist & Lease Manager

Bonnie McCallister

Resource Specialist Easements

Scott Bartlett

Deputy Assistant Director

Diane Lund

Resource Specialist Northwest Area, Land Sale Auctions

Jim Davis

Resource Specialist Industrial Leases Statewide

Nancy Strickland

Easement Specialist

Michael Healy

Resource Specialist Agricultural and Residential Leasing

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