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Gunnison Community Secures Historic G-Hill

The Gunnison City Council, led by Mayor Lori Nay, voted to purchase 20 acres of trust lands that are home to the iconic “G” above Gunnison City. The Council approved the purchase and a measure to lease and improve recreation around G-Hill at its Wednesday, November 4 meeting.

Gunnison City Mayor Lori Nay“This is a great day for our community.  This iconic landmark that has been part of our local landscape and traditions for 93 years can now be better protected and developed,” stated Mayor Nay. “It has been a grassroots effort with many individuals coming together to make this happen. ” Mayor Nay also reports the city plans to install permanent lighting to illuminate the “G” for future activities and develop trails. 

The “G” was constructed in 1927 and has been used since then to commemorate high school and community events. 

Gunnison City Councilman Justen Mellor and a citizen committee hosted fundraising events and secured recreation-based grants from Utah State Parks and Recreation and the National Park Service. Money raised from these events were used to purchase G-Hill.

In addition to the land purchase, Gunnison City approved a measure to lease 445 acres of trust lands behind the G-Hill for recreation. Funds secured from state and national grants will be used to  improve the property by installing recreational trails, restrooms, and pavilions.

Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) Deputy Assistant Director Ron Torgerson reports the $35,000 Gunnison City paid for the 20-acre parcel is deposited into the $2.5 billion Permanent School Fund. This endowment fund for public education provided $88.83 million to Utah K12 schools this year.

“Gunnison students will benefit from these transactions by having improved recreation access to G-Hill and receiving additional funds for their school district each year,” stated Torgerson.

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