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Managing Trust Lands Goes Beyond the Surface

The Archaeology Group is an independent team within Trust Lands. Our full-time archaeologists are Joel Boomgarden, Kristine Curry, Lisa Beck, and Lindsay Fenner.

Governing Trust Lands Responsibly

The Archaeology group works to ensure revenue is generated on trust lands in compliance with Utah Code Annotated (U.C.A.) § 9-8-404.

This law requires Trust Lands to consider the impact of any activities on significant historic and archaeological sites, and to provide the State Historic Preservation Officer with a written accounting of that consideration. Our rules for implementation of this law are found in R850-60.

History and Heritage of Trust Lands

In 1973 an archaeological “branch” of state government was legislatively added to the Division of State History. Since then, it has been a requirement to consider the historic and archaeological impact of activities on trust lands. A dynamic series of events in 1991 led to the decision by Trust Lands management and beneficiaries to begin active compliance with U.C.A. § 9-8-404 in 1991.

Fieldwork Authorization

State-permitted archaeologists must obtain written authorization before conducting archaeological activities on trust lands.

Meet the team

Joel Boomgarden
Lead Archaeologist
Kristine Curry
Lisa Beck
Lindsay Fenner

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