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Competitive Mineral Lease Offering

The Trust Lands Administration takes nominations from the public for lands that may be included in the mineral auctions we hold in January, June, and October each year. You can nominate lands online – that are not currently subject to lease – through our website.

Commodities Available For Lease

asphaltic sands

gemstone & fossils

industrial sands

metalliferous minerals

mineral salts



associated hydrocarbons

oil shale



volcanic material


Contact Dorothy Taylor for additional information:

Current Mineral Lease Offering

Review results, schedule, and land maps for the current mineral lease offering

Upcoming Mineral Lease Offering

Learn more about upcoming offerings or make a land nomination for a future offering. 

Land Sales Auctions

The Trust Lands Administration offers properties for sale through periodic public auctions. Auctions are usually held in June and November of each year.  

The next auctions will be held online April 25-30, 2024 and June 20-25, 2024.  The properties which will be offered at these auctions will be posted soon.

Contact Diane Lund for additional information:

Upcoming Auctions - April 25-30, 2024 - June 20-25, 2024 - 1 Parcels

Current and Historic Land Sale Auction Parcels

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