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April 2024

Competitive Bids for Expiring Grazing Permits (will be posted in February of 2024)

Putting Trust Lands to Good Use

Trust Lands are available for a variety of uses, including special use leases, livestock grazing, timber harvesting, easements, and short-term right of entry permits. The Surface Resources Group administers these uses and also carries out maintenance and rehabilitation projects to improve Trust Lands throughout the state.

Special Use Leases

Trust Lands are available to be leased for commercial, industrial, telecommunication, agricultural, residential, government, and other uses.


Easements are available for linear facilities such as power lines, pipelines, roads, and communications lines.

Livestock Grazing & Range Management

Livestock grazing is permitted on most trust lands and is an important component of our land stewardship efforts. (Check back in February 2024 for expiring permits.)

Forest Management

The Trust’s forest resources are managed for long-term sustainability through targeted timber sales, fuels reduction projects, and other active management efforts. Timber sales improve long-term forest health by reducing wildfire risk, removing mature trees prone to disease, promoting the growth of young, disease-resistent trees, and creating conditions that allow the forest to renew itself.

Land Sales

The Trust Lands Administration offers properties for sale through periodic public auctions and negotiated sales. Please visit our land sales page for more details on upcoming sales.

Current Auction

Current and Historic Land Sale Auction Parcels

Rights of Entry Permits

Right of Entry Permits are issued for short-term uses of Trust Lands such as commercial guiding and outfitting, competitive events, filming and photography, and many other uses. Please review the Rights of Entry Handbook to see how to obtain a permit for your proposed use.

Public Use of Trust Lands

Trust Lands are not public lands, but are generally open to the public for responsible recreational activities including hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and off-highway vehicle use, with some restrictions. Please be respectful as you visit Trust Lands.

Forever Stewards of the Land

Since 1998, Trust Lands has been involved in projects aimed at preserving and protecting more than 560,000 acres of Utah land with the goal of providing long-term support to its beneficiaries. We work with many agencies, non-profit organizations, and local governments to protect natural, historic, and cultural resources throughout the state and strive to preserve the value of the trust lands for the benefit of future beneficiaries.

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