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Special Use Leases

Trust lands are available to lease for a variety of purposes including commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural, telecommunications, and governmental use. Information about each particular leasing program can be found below. Potential applicants are encouraged to contact the responsible staff member for more information prior to submitting an application.

Typical requirements for special use leases:
  • Submission of a lease application form
  • A plan of development or similar document detailing the intended purpose of the proposed lease
  • Maps and/or diagrams detailing the location and footprint of the proposed lease and the proposed site layout
  • Surveyed legal description of lease footprint
  • Payment of required application and processing fees
  • Cultural resources (archaeological) survey
  • Paleontological resources survey
  • Review by the State Resource Development Coordinating Committee (RDCC)
  • Advertising for competing applications
  • Appropriate financial assurance (i.e. bonding)
  • Appropriate insurance coverage (liability, workmen’s compensation, etc.)
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Trust lands can be leased for agricultural practices in select locations. Current agricultural leases on trust lands include fields for growing crops, irrigated pastures, irrigation diversions and settling ponds, orchards, corrals, and pipelines.

Parties interested in obtaining an agricultural lease on trust lands, please complete the following forms:


No fees will be required unless your application is accepted by the Trust Lands Administration. Once accepted, the following fees are required:

  • Application Fee – $250.00
  • Advertising Fee – Approximately $200.00 (based on newspaper public notice fees)
  • Processing Fee – $700.00 (contract preparation)
  • Archaeology Survey Costs – Approximately $25.00/acre (based on location and archaeological determination)
  • First Year Lease Rental – $600.00 minimum (based on acreage, prime interest rates, land values, crops, etc.)

Contact Mike Healy for Agricultural Leasing Information:

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Trust Lands are available to be leased for commercial purposes such as ski resorts, campgrounds, restaurants, office spaces, and convenience stores. Our diverse land position offers many uniquely advantageous locations for commercial enterprises throughout the state.

Parties interested in obtaining a commercial lease on property administered by Trust Lands should develop and submit a business plan, along with these application forms:


Please expect approximately 6 months for your commercial lease application to be processed. Typical processing requirements include agency review, cultural resource surveys, review by local government, and a 30-day review by the Resource Development Coordinating Committee. Commercial lease costs are typically a combination of underlying property values and a percentage of the business’s gross receipts.

Contact Bryan Torgerson for Commercial Leasing Information:

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Governmental leases are issued to governmental entities for a variety of uses such as water tank sites, military training locations, community’s infrastructure development, and recreation sites.

Parties interested in obtaining a governmental lease, please submit the following applications:

Contact Ron Torgerson for Governmental Leasing Information:

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Trust lands suitable for industrial uses are available for lease statewide. Industrial leases are typically issued for purposes such as oil & gas processing facilities, compressor stations, wastewater disposal facilities, manufacturing plants, electrical substations, storage yards, and other similar uses.

Please use the following forms to apply for an industrial lease on trust lands:

Contact Jim Davis for Industrial Leasing Information:

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Many Trust properties are located in remote and scenic areas of the state that are well-suited for residential purposes. The development of off-grid technologies has made it feasible to comfortably locate cabin sites, second homes, and even primary residences in these areas. Interested parties in obtaining a residential lease should submit a cover letter, map, and application. Please expect approximately six months for a residential application to be processed. Typical processing requirements include agency review, cultural resource surveys, review by local government, and a 30-day review by the Resource Development Coordinating Committee.

Residential lease costs are individually dictated by underlying property values as determined by professional appraisal or assessment.

Contact Mike Healy for Residential Leasing Information:

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Telecommunication leases of trust lands have long served the communication needs of the people of Utah and beyond. From the ability to watch TV to critical public safety communications, many essential telecom facilities are located on trust lands throughout the state. Other beneficial uses for telecommunication leases include cell towers, internet access, as well as radio communications for schools, law enforcement, municipalities, and businesses. Repeaters, translators, boosters, remote control applications, monitoring and security systems, telemetry, SCADA systems, and fiber optic regeneration stations are also served by these telecommunication sites on trust lands. Contact us and submit the following forms and applications in order to obtain a Trust Lands telecommunications lease.

Contact Russ Cazier for Telecommunication Leasing Information:

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