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SITLA Considers Trust Land Sale Near Bluff, Utah

On behalf of the public education system, the Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) is considering the sale of one, 640-acre section of school trust land west of Bluff, Utah.
Note the sale parcel, indicated in pink.
SITLA manages this 640-acre parcel on behalf of the K-12 school system, which was granted this parcel of land at the time of statehood. Revenue generated from school trust lands, including land sales, leases, rents, easements, and royalties, are deposited into a $2 billion permanent education endowment. All public schools receive annual funding from this endowment to provide technology, teachers, and other critical classroom needs. Although this parcel of trust land is not public land, the general public has enjoyed the privilege of using this land for free, as well as to access various trails leading to adjoining public land recreation opportunities. This proposed change in the historic use of this particular trust land parcel has created concerns by some who have used or recreate in this area. The Hole In The Rock Foundation approached SITLA expressing interest in purchasing this section of school trust land located west of Bluff, Utah. SITLA intends to offer this property for sale at its fall auction. SITLA welcomes all public comments at    

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